Welcome to the MARSH CCSA!

MARSH is very excited to be adding to our existing online catalog and storefront grocery store . . .

a CCSA-style subscription program!

The MARSH CCSA will run for 26 weeks, May through October, and consist of a weekly or biweekly selection of fresh MARSH Garden produce, MARSH Kitchen baked goods/prepared foods, and MARSH Grocery meats/alt meats, dairy/alt dairy, and staples with an emphasis on healthy and exciting meal planning, recipes, and access to cooking and food-content videos and livestreams relevant to each week’s selection.

Why join a CCSA? The subscription program is called Community Supported Agriculture because it helps to make farming more sustainable by providing:

  • pre- and early-season income (when costs are highest but production is lowest),
  • a confirmed market so farmers aren’t hustling to sell their products when they want to be focused on growing them,
  • a strong commitment to organic and ecological practices
  • the human connection mostly missing from other food transactions that is a critical part of building just, resilient, and generative communities.

CCSA is simply a Combined CSA, meaning the subscription includes more than just produce and may be a collaboration between several farms or enterprises. CCSA shares offer significant benefits to eaters by simplifying shopping and meal planning, guaranteeing a reliable source of the freshest and healthiest products, pooling resources to keep costs low, reducing packaging/waste, providing menu and cooking information, and supporting small agricultural enterprises that are mutually invested in the well-being of the community.

The MARSH CCSA is unique in several ways.

First, the CCSA is a new but critical element of our integrated food system approach. Most simply, we want to explore ways of growing, cooking, and distributing food that address the inequities and injustices that our existing food system relies on. This means substituting relationships for profit, collaboration for competition, generative practices for extraction, and cooperation for exploitive economies. The result is a network of local gardens, a cooperative kitchen, and a community grocery store that can pay fair wages to workers while making high quality nutrition-dense food available to everyone at the lowest possible prices.

Second, MARSH is a food cooperative. That means we operate on principles of mutual benefit instead of profit: inclusiveness, democratic decision-making, ecological responsibility, and care for our community.

Finally, the CCSA acts as both an access point and a catalyst for our food insecurity efforts. Subsidized shares are available and for groups or organizations, MARSH will match shares 1:2, meaning for every CCSA share purchased with plans to distribute the food among a constituency, we’ll increase the amount of food received by 50%. Groups of five or more shares are welcome to suggest a delivery drop-off location, especially if they are beyond our 8-mile delivery radius, to both decrease environmental impact and expand resources to those in need. (We will waive delivery fees in individual cases where transportation is an issue.)

We are pleased to accept EBT/SNAP payments: please register in person at the MARSH Grocery, 6917 S. Broadway.

Deliveries/drop offs will likely be on Thursday afternoons. Pick-ups at the grocery can occur either Wednesday afternoon or on Saturdays. We will confirm scheduling preferences as we get closer to the season.

Please fill out the form below to purchase your share(s) in the MARSH CCSA. Feel free to contact us with any questions at bioculturalist@gmail.com.

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