May 9-15: Iki Nakagawa researcher/artist in-residence

Saturday, May 11, 7pm: Public information and planning meeting for workers-owned cooperative diner and food cooperative. Aspiring and professional chefs, cooks, and food service workers welcome, as well as local food producers and home-cooks, anyone who is interested in making food choices in Carondelet and organizing our food system(s).

June 9-16: Bioculturealities Symposium and Performance Festival.
Open to the public across the week, full schedule to be announced soon. Participating/Performing/Presenting Artists and Organizations : Michael Allen, Cyprus Atlas, Jessica Baran (+ local poets), Lorene Bouboushian, Shawn Escarciga, Maxie Glamour (+ Qu’art Cohort), Simone Johnson, Heather Kapplow, Sierra Ortega, Allana Ross, Jaguar Mary X. VIDEO: Beatriz Albuquerque, Nina Isabelle, Nicole Goodwin, David Ian Bellows/Griess (+ TBA)


Rolling Open Call for “Biocultural” projects in 2019 and 2020. No deadline. ROLLING PROJECTS PROPOSAL FORM

RESOURCES DOCUMENT document (information about the site, its spaces and capabilities)

MARSH is a laboratory site for practical research into and as forms-of-life (habitus) both cultural and biotic. Where our (in)human bodies entangle, at an identified site/situation from which our embodiments and social bodilies can be seen to emerge, performativities are both compulsory and intentional, conditioned and designed. This symposium and festival will ask and address inquiries such as: How do we intervene in and materialize ourselves and each other, our diverse and speciated directives, our multiplicit and shared eco-and-cultural-logics? How do we inhabit and materialize “realities” through difference, (in)decision, (e)motion, conception, collaboration, and meaning-making?

As MARSH opens (up), its establishing personae (Beth Neff, Esther Neff, Kaia Gilje, and others) desire to both clearly state our ethics and to remain porous to the vast complexities of value(s) and desires present in and presented by persons, paradigms, and other bodilies. We take a stand against ecocide, racism, capitalism, patriarchy, colonialism, and extractive-coercive forms of (in)human(e) operation, yet this stance must be activated and enacted, not simply stated. How can we directly embody and perform other-wisely, realistically yet idealistically, intentionally enculturating while moving in considerate correlationship and response? This first year of programming is both wide-open and specific, an attempt to provide resources that stimulate and ground experimental, practical, performative research and provisionally navigate the conditions and contexts that currently (in)form mindsets, ethics, habits, needs, abilities, and other elements of biocultural praxis.


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