UPCOMING: “Drafts & Byproducts” an evening of dance

(image: from Jacob Henss and Hannah Price performance in the basement of MARSH in August, 2019) SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14 6:30pm St. Louis movement and dance artists & student artists from the University of Illinois come together to share works-in-progress; drafts, material, and excerpts from their current projects dealing with gender and sexuality, emotional and nervous... Continue Reading →

MARSH Cooperative Slide Show

Shop at home.              Create connections.    Apply your skills.       Learn to cook new things.      Reduce energy use.      Save money.      Work together.           Ask questions.   Promote equity.            Eat healthy.   Use your imagination.        Support regenerative agriculture.   Keep your money local.       Contribute.    Resist existing power structures.  ... Continue Reading →

Arts League at MARSH: 1st meeting

ORIGINAL POST ON THE MARSH WEBSITE First Meeting and Potluck: Saturday, November 16, 7pm @MARSH (Materializing & Activating Radical Social Habitus) 6917 S. Broadway St. Louis, MO 63111 A "league" is a group assembled in alliance, gathered for mutual support, advocacy, and co-education. The MARSH Arts League will gather artists across disciplines (performance-makers, writers, visual... Continue Reading →


We're so excited to be initiating the MARSH co-operative food system! As discussed in previous posts, this system involves the workers-owned cooperative diner, a network of producer-owners, and a membership body of consumer-owners (as well as folks involved in combined and hybrid ways). We had a great first two meetings of diner cooks, chefs, and... Continue Reading →

Part III: MARSH Cooperative Food System

Sometimes co-ops are organized by groups of workers who want to own a business together. Sometimes they are designed by consumers who want better and broader choices for what kinds of products they buy. And some co-ops are made up of producers – farmers, for example – who, by combining their output, can reach customers... Continue Reading →

Part II: Cooperation Glossery

In a previous post, we offered an official definition of a cooperative as, “An autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.” This post (second of three) will break down the lexicon with a bit more descriptive flourish. Autonomous –... Continue Reading →

‘Scaping Habitus’ experiment

Traditional notions of "design" and "landscaping" involve human-supremacist notions of order, extraction and coercion, yet intentionality and constructive planning modes may also help humxns "look before we leap" and more reflexively consider the ways even our "smallest" (seemingly private, habitual, localized) choices and actions relate within and as biocultural paradigms, patterns, systems, and relations. As... Continue Reading →

Garden 2019

With the goal of eradicating all grass, we begin this year's gardening by covering remaining sod with cardboard and covering it with compost. The labyrinth pattern is re-dug, with last year's decomposed chips added to the soil mounds and new chips poured to make the humxn pathways. We also move the two boxes to the... Continue Reading →

MAY 11, 7PM: public planning meeting

CALLING ALL ASPIRING AND PROFESSIONAL CHEFS, COOKS, AND FOOD SERVICE WORKERS interested in cooperatively owning the diner/restaurant: meet at 7pm at MARSH (6917 S. Broadway) on Saturday, May 11. Open to the Public: anyone interested in cooperative participation in food systems, including bulk buying, production, and use of licensed kitchen.

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