GoFundMe: Help us open the space this Spring!

GoFundMe Dear Collaborators past, present, and future: Materializing & Activating Radical Social Habitus (MARSH) is a new life-art lab site, established to research and implement bio-cultural praxes. We are looking forward to operating locally as part of the Carondelet neighborhood of St. Louis and globally as part of transitional movements lead by artists, thinkers, activists,... Continue Reading →

Progress Report on Rehab of Residences

Residences (upstairs) are the first priority towards habitation; the goal is to secure occupation permits by July 1, 2018. Beth repairs the plaster walls, plasters the drywall, lays flooring (using the wood found in the building), and continues work with local contractors to install and update HVAC, plumbing, and electricity throughout the building. Precise Plumbing... Continue Reading →


Beth Neff moves into the livable area of the building (what will become the performance space) on April 10, 2018, while planting the first garden of MARSH, in a labyrinth design using biocultural and permacultural principles. Beth hauls compost/soil from St. Louis composting and chips from the park, builds a box, lays out the garden,... Continue Reading →


On Thursday, February 15, a group of artists (Esther Neff, Kaia Gilje, Adriana Disman, Nina Isabelle and 3dwardsharp) will leave Brooklyn and drive together to St. Louis, MO. Between February 15 and 28, we will live in St. Louis, performing construction labor (drywall and flooring, other demo and rehab) of a building that is becoming... Continue Reading →

Rehab Begins

Once the primary demo was completed, we were ready to invite contractors into the space to begin providing services - plumbing, electricity, heating and cooling - to the upstairs apartments. Entirely new services and panels were required for the wiring, a new two inch connection to the water main was installed to replace the 1/2... Continue Reading →

First Tasks

The first tasks in our building included: Selling and removing the booths in the dining room to make room for a performance space; Removing the lathe and plaster from the ceiling in the middle upstairs apartment (6913) Tearing out ceilings and walls from the rear storage areas; And chipping the plaster from the stone walls... Continue Reading →

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