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MARSH Co-operative Food System members may be consumer-owners, worker-owners, producer owners, or any combination thereof. All members purchase a lifetime, refundable share for $100 (subsidies available), have direct access to the full product catalog and weekly curbside pickup, participate democratically in cooperative decision-making by electing board representatives and providing input on operations and procedures, receive information about social and cultural events occurring at or in association with MARSH, have the opportunity to work for discounts, and, in the case of worker-owners, share in any profits.

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Interested in becoming a worker-owner? See blue section below . . .

Interested in becoming a producer-owner? See green section below . . .

To help us determine what MARSH Kitchen-made products we should include in our catalog, please fill out the MARSH Cooperative Kitchen Survey

Worker-owners are chefs, cooks, and food service staff who use the kitchen to create products for the co-op catalog and may, in the near future, help operate the MARSH Diner. They make decisions collaboratively about the menu and schedule, order ingredients through the food co-op, work together to develop products, pop-ups, and events, and may share any profits, which are based on contributed hours. If you think you might be interested in becoming a worker-owner, please fill out the Product Proposal Form below and return it to bioculturalist@gmail.com. 

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Co-op owners who wish to sell their own products (local farm products; organic vegetables and herbs from home and community gardens; prepared foods, baked goods, or beauty products produced locally, for example) through the co-op or diner will be considered producer-owners.  Producer-owners receive the same benefits as other members (purchasing groceries through the co-op catalog, voting, board representation) and may also be interested in using the kitchen or planning events. If you think you might be interested in becoming a producer-owner, please fill out the Producer Form below and return it to bioculturalist@gmail.com.

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As a life-art laboratory, MARSH is designing an insurgent food system that creatively considers and values labor, land, and socio-political intra-action. Through this food system, humxns work together to re-orient the ways in which we work, eat, produce food, and support one another; we reduce our ecological footprint, we involve the sources of our food in our choices about what and how we consume/produce, we share resources and construct adaptive labor systems for and by ourselves and our communities.

The structural elements of MARSH’s food system are integrated:

See also:

Bylaws of the MARSH Cooperative


Please feel free to e-mail us at bioculturalist@gmail.com with any questions.

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