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Now Seeking: Chef and Organizer in Residence


About the MARSH Chef and Organizer Residency

Imagine you are the lead chef/cook/baker for a 30-seat restaurant and a natural foods grocery with a selection of prepared foods and baked goods. You have access to a full licensed kitchen outfitted with up-to-date equipment. You use ingredients from the attached grocery and seasonal fruits and vegetables from local organic gardens (one of which is on-site). Menus are oriented around seasonality, deliciousness, nutrition, and low-waste. The full food system–diner, grocery, gardens, CSA–is managed cooperatively with other worker-owners, members, and volunteers. The organization as a whole models climate resilience, labor equity, bioethical strategies, and integration of food systems with social justice…


MARSH (Materializing & Activating Radical Social Habitus) is a biocultural laboratory. Legally, our not-for-profit structure combines consumer, worker, and producer cooperatives. The organization itself is explicitly anti-capitalist and works to directly practice solidarity economics, mutual aid, bioethics, and more habitable relations between humans and Earth. We are located at 6917 S Broadway in the Carondelet neighborhood of St. Louis, MO, USA. On a day-to-day basis, MARSH currently involves: 

Over the course of the next year, MARSH plans to open our diner space to the public and host a series of gatherings that will culminate in late Fall, 2023 in a Community Climate Symposium.

Overview of the Residency

We are seeking an individual who is passionate about delicious and sustainable dishes, food access, reducing food waste, and cooperative labor practices. The right person is experienced with cooking in and managing a commercial kitchen, and can adapt their skills to this unique situation. 

Valuable Skills, Qualifications, and Experiences

What We’re Offering

Start Date

March – May 2023 (depending on if you are local or would be moving to St. Louis)

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