Rehab Begins

Once the primary demo was completed, we were ready to invite contractors into the space to begin providing services – plumbing, electricity, heating and cooling – to the upstairs apartments. Entirely new services and panels were required for the wiring, a new two inch connection to the water main was installed to replace the 1/2 inch connection that had served the building since 1905, and new gas lines had to connect to meters in the basement through two floors and foot-thick stone walls. The formerly abandoned property became a beehive of activity as we moved the property in the direction of occupancy.

While the electricians broke through the walls to run wiring and install switch and outlet boxes . . .


the plumbers ran pex and pvc piping up through the building for sinks, toilets, showers and sewer lines . . .


and the HVAC folks installed ducts and furnaces . . .


I worked on insulating the ceilings . . .


and building walls to frame out the bathrooms and closets.




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